E-Vac™ DPS400



E-Vac™ DPS400

One of the best, most reliable, long lasting dry vacuum pumps on the market.

This heavy duty dry screw vacuum pump is shown with stainless steel discharge collection tank and stainless solvent flush system. It can be paired with vacuum boosters to achieve 3000 acfm at 0.1 Torr (mmHgA). These are used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Refinery, Plastics, House vacuum and other applications.

400 acfm (680m3/hr) from atmosphere to full vacuum all day long, every day. Solid one piece screw/shaft construction make this the safest and most robust dry screw pump available. Direct or variable speed drive available to save energy by adjusting to your vacuum and capacity needs.

Rotation Speed

1500 to 3600 rpm (Suitable for VFD)

Nominal Pump Capacity

400 ACFM (680 m3/hr)

Ultimate Vacuum

0.1 Torr (mmHgA)


1450 Lbs (657kg)

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