E-Vac™ DPS200



E-Vac™ DPS200

The DPS200 is one of our most popular dry vacuum pump models because of the economical advantage over similar sized units. These low cost, high capacity units are ideally suited to replace a wide range of existing vacuum pumps like oil sealed vane pumps, piston pumps, liquid ring and other dry pumps.

This dry vacuum pump is a well proven technology for Pharmaceutical, freeze dryers and fine chemical manufacturers across the globe. House vacuum and plastic extruder vacuum are also common applications. The DPS200 has a one piece rotor/shaft and spacious porting to handle higher carry over applications. These can be systemized with vacuum boosters, controls, auto clean systems, condensers, catch tanks and other accessories to integrate into your facility.

Rotation Speed

1500 to 3600 rpm

Nominal Pump Capacity

220 ACFM (375 m3/hr)

Ultimate Vacuum

0.1 Torr (mmHgA)


728 Lbs (330 kg)

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