E-Vac™ DPS1000



E-Vac™ DPS1000

These large dry vacuum pumps are designed to run continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Reduce your number of rotating pieces of equipment and you reduce maintenance costs. Paired with our dry vacuum boosters, we can provide >12,000 acfm of capacity at 0.1 Torr (mmHgA) per train. Heavy duty design with low maintenance features like long life bearings and seals make this a vacuum you can count on!

The DPS1000 handles large gas volume of 1300 acfm (1500 m3/hr) from atmospheric pressure to full vacuum (0.1 Torr). This pump can be run with a VFD or direct driven at 1500-1800 rpm. Slow rotational speed increases the longevity of bearings and seals reducing maintenance costs. One piece screw rotor/shaft construction make this extremely reliable and the best choice for difficult processes.

Rotation Speed

1500 to 3600 rpm

Nominal Pump Capacity

1300 ACFM (2250 m3/hr) 60Hz

Ultimate Vacuum

0.1 Torr (mmHgA)


4000 Lbs (1815kg)

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