Market Segments

From small batch active ingredient preparations to Bulk Intermediates. We have systems to meet any vacuum processing step. CIP accessories standard.

Fine Chemical
Specialty chemical is one of our strengths. Provide your conditions and we’ll design the rest.

Perfect for Methanol removal, vacuum distillation, and vent gas recovery.

General Industrial
Across all vacuum ranges. No messy process water, oil, etc. to deal with using these dry vacuum pumps.

Extruder venting, Esters, and Polyester films and fibers are perfect for this technology. Prevent corrosion today by using a dry vacuum system.

Our systems will meet your specification and tough application 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are designed with you in mind.

Simple, inexpensive, reliable, flexible, and efficient.

House Vacuum
Our dry systems can handle variable loads efficiently using our e-Saver™ technology. Contact us for more information.

Pigments & Coatings
From paint, coatings, and pigments we have the right solution to handle multiple solvents, batch processes, without changing anything on the vacuum system.

Market Competencies

  • Vacuum System Design
  • Vacuum System Sizing
  • Hybrid System Design
  • Material Selection
  • Process Review
  • Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Air Leakage Testing
  • Condenser Design
  • Vacuum Pump Failure Analysis
  • Systemization


  • ISO 9000 Certified Equipment
  • ATEX Certified
  • CE Mark


Documentation is important for the long life of the equipment. We can provide General Arrangement Drawings in AutoCAD format as well pdf.

Engineering Bills of Material, Datasheets, Operation manuals, Maintenance manuals, Accessory documentation and manuals, Material certificates, Welding certificates, ATEX / CE / API / cGMP documentation, Calibration certificates, Certificates of compliance.

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