E-Vac™ DPS50

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The DPS50 is one of the smallest chemical duty dry vacuum pumps available for challenging gases.  It has long life seals and bearing along with the one piece rotor/shaft to be one of the most reliable dry vacuum pumps on the market today.  Vacuum you can count on!

This dry running horizontal screw vacuum pump is ideal for smaller capacity applications, at 50 acfm.  Commonly used for point of use vacuum such as; laboratory, small batch operations, perfumes, specialty chemical, pigments, drying, laboratory rotovaps, laboratory house vacuum.  Long life seals and bearings keep maintenance costs down and it can be run via VFD to match your capacity and vacuum needs in real time.  Small footprint and energy efficient dry vacuum pump producing vacuum you can count on!

Rotation Speed

1500-3600 rpm

Nominal Pump Capacity

50 ACFM (85 m3/hr)

Ultimate Vacuum

0.1 Torr (mmHgA)


330 Lbs (150kg)

  1. 5 out of 5

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