The Three E’s for E-Vac


Energy efficient dry vacuum pumps, piston pumps, vacuum boosters and engineered systems designed to save you money.

E-nvironmentally friendly

Our dry vacuum pumps and compressor systems handle gases that can be captured and treated to keep your plant environmentally friendly.


At E-Vac Technologies we understand that making you successful and competitive makes us successful.  We have very economically priced dry vacuum pump systems along with the lowest priced piston pumps available.  These are very high quality products brought to you at economical prices by reducing internal costs, leveraging manufacturing costs, reducing overheads and cutting the cost per transaction.

Our claw pump parts and service can save your existing budget 30-40% as we have done with several customers in the past.  Our liquid ring vacuum pump line offers several cost competitive material versions with various features to be able to save capital cost.

We make it easy to do business with us and understand that you trust us to provide the best system, on time and within your budget.

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