E-Vac™ DP120

E-Vac™ DP120

E-Vac™ DP120

The E-Vac™ DP120 is a dry claw vacuum pump, similar to Edwards EDP160 / EDP120. 3 stage vertical dry vacuum pump for chemical applications with additional reliability enhancements to extend run time and handle aggressive vapors. Direct drop in replacement for BOC Edwards Vacuum DryStar EDP/DP line. Economical Service, Parts, Repairs, Kits and Replacement units available.

Chemical duty, vertical dry claw vacuum pump, 100 acfm, suitable for Pharmaceutical, chemical and refinery applications. Inspection and service programs, repair kits and parts are available to timely meet your needs.

Rotation Speed

3600 rpm

Nominal Pump Capacity

100 acfm (170 m3/hr)

Ultimate Vacuum

0.2 Torr (mmHgA)


1400 Lbs (630 Kg)

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